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Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Columbus, Ohio

Laser vaginal rejuvenation columbus ohio

Versatile Treatments To Revive Your Sex Life & Boost Your Comfort

You deserve to feel comfortable. You deserve to feel confident. You deserve to feel. At Donaldson Plastic Surgery, we offer two incredible laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment options to help you live your best life once again. Each of these solutions addresses different concerns, but they are both safe and offer excellent results with minimal downtime or discomfort.

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DiVa: Revamps Internal Vaginal Tissue Health

diVa is a revolutionary treatment designed to improve vaginal dryness, irritation, atrophy and painful intercourse. This quick, in-office laser procedure requires no sedation, no surgery and no downtime. In addition to treating vaginal dryness, decreased sensation and mild stress incontinence, diVa can also amplify self-esteem and quality of life for many women by improving sexual function.

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The Additional Benefits Of diVa Laser Treatments

diVa’s greatest strength is its ability to boost moisture production, increased pleasurable stimulation/sensitivity, decreased incontinence and tighten the vaginal walls. Potential candidates include women who have had children, are pre- or post-menopausal, or have experienced decreased sexual function.

This in-office procedure takes three to five minutes, produces little to no discomfort and is performed under local anesthesia. Most patients notice positive differences after only a single treatment, but for optimal results, three treatments are recommended one month apart. So far, no adverse events have been reported across all global devices.

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diVaTyte: Enhances External Appearance & Function

Vaginal laxity can take several forms, including deflation or thinning of the labia majora (outer lips). Childbirth, age and genetics may all lead to this concern in which a lack of tone changes the look and feel of the vagina, lowers self-confidence and compromises a happy sexual life. diVaTyte laser tightening addresses all of these concerns without surgery, pain, downtime or invasiveness.

Benefits of laser vaginal therapy

The Additional Benefits of diVaTyte Laser Treatments

Many of our patients have also reported greater comfort during exercise after choosing diVaTyte. This is an excellent solution for women who are working through physical discomfort and diminished self-confidence, but aren’t quite ready to undergo surgery.

diVaTyte uses Broad Band Light (BBL) technology to safely heat tissue around the vaginal opening. This controlled heat energy stimulates the natural healing process of the body to create new collagen, which results in firmness and tightening of the skin. Treatment plans typically consist of 3 – 6 treatments, spaced 2 weeks apart for maximum effectiveness.

Note: diVaTyte can be used to help treat mild Stress Incontinence. It does not treat Urgency, Functional or Overflow Incontinence.


A Combination Of Procedures We Can Offer

diVaTyte may be easily combined with diVa, the world’s first Hybrid Fractional Laser (HFL) treatment for rejuvenating the inner vaginal canal. This combined treatment (diVaTyte + diVa) treats laxity and mild stress incontinence, enhances lubrication, improves sensation and creates a more youthful appearance. Labiaplasty may also be considered for the reduction of extra hanging tissue of the labia minora (inner lips).

Stretching from vaginal childbirth often causes these conditions, although women who have never had children may also enjoy the benefits of these treatments. Laser hair removal often provides the final aesthetic touch.

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Delicate, Empathetic & Effective: Courtney Gilbert Gets It!

As a cornerstone of our functional medicine team, Courtney is an exceptional diVa laser treatment provider with an extensive background in urogynecology. Her genuine dedication to women’s health drives her commitment to assisting each patient in achieving their health and sexual wellness goals.

Courtney’s diVa expertise is marked by precision and a deep understanding of the specific needs of her patients. What does that look like? She gets to know you, the woman — your goals, your discomforts and how you want to feel. Through her compassionate approach, she performs each treatment effectively and empowers women to progress toward optimal health and greater, everyday well-being.

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Vaginal rejuvenation in Columbus, Ohio has come a long way, especially with the introduction of cosmetic lasers. In the right hands, this advanced technology can restore self-esteem and revive your sensuality. We invite you to get in touch with us today and schedule your initial consultation to see which solution is best for you!

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