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You Can Spot Fat Loss Without The Surgical Downtime

Sometimes it feels like no amount of diet and exercise can eliminate those stubborn areas of fat. We are right there with 你, which is why we offer 非手术减脂澳洲幸运10最新正规开奖官网 that can target fat loss with precision. Our experienced providers are trained to use controlled freezing, electromagnetic pulses and advanced injection techniques to help 你 achieve beautiful body contours.


Nonsurgical patient with apparent body contours


Our providers have built a reputation for excellence and mastery of every treatment they perform. 但这意味着什么呢 ? It means that we build lasting relationships with each of our patients. Every provider has undergone strenuous training to ensure both incredible results and a safe, 舒适的体验, while also getting to know 你 and 你r lifestyle.

We respect privacy and value honesty — if something isn’t right for 你, we’ll be the first to suggest an alternative that helps 你 best reach 你r goals.

Our Fat Loss Solutions — Without The Surgery



Perhaps one of the most revolutionary nonsurgical treatments of all time, CoolSculpting精英 targets fat deposits in the abs, flanks, love handles, legs and even under the chin. Relax in our private treatment room as the patented CoolSculpting wand freezes the specified area. 一旦你离开我们的办公室, 你r body will naturally process these fat cells, 揭示华丽的轮廓.




电磁信号供电, CoolTone stimulates the muscle fibers of a particular area to achieve a firmer and more toned physique, while strengthening the muscle along the way. Most patients use CoolTone to target the abdomen, thighs and glutes. Our providers will be the first to tell 你 that one session of this treatment is like performing 20,000 crunches in one sitting — with perfect form!



Dissolve Problematic Fat With Injections

When precisely injected into the targeted area beneath the chin or in the underarms, Kybella works to disrupt fat cell membranes, leading to the gradual reduction of excess fat. This safe and effective procedure offers a convenient option for patients seeking to improve contours without undergoing surgery.


减肥 Programs At Donaldson Health

We understand that surgery isn’t for every patient and, 有时, nonsurgical treatments may be out of 你r comfort zone. If 你 are looking to lose those extra pounds and optimize 你r overall health, our functional medicine experts offer customized weight management programs that cater to 你r lifestyle and how 你 want to feel each day. They work with 你 directly to design diet plans, create exercise regimens and provide the support 你 need to not only lose weight but also improve 你r healthspan!



Shedding those final few pounds from stubborn areas can be frustrating. We offer a variety of nonsurgical fat reduction solutions to help get 你 over that final hurdle and elevate 你r confidence. We invite 你 to get in touch with our team to learn more about 你r options and to schedule 你r first one-on-one consultation.